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Kevin Reached His Limit

Almost three years ago Kevin Tamte set foot into the Training For Warriors East Metro dojo in Cottage Grove, MN. At the time he had no idea that this decision would not only push him toward his goals, but it would help him accomplish new goals he had never thought about!

The first challenge was coming through the door for the 8 Week Program at TFW East Metro! Although it was challenging, what Kevin found is that he was being built up, not torn down! Each week the Coaches came along side him and helped him move forward! Kevin had accomplished a great start on his own initially prior to TFW, yet he felt he was stuck and if he did not do something different his journey might end in frustration. Kevin has gone on to lose over 70 lbs of fat and gained a ton of muscle transforming his body and life. Learn more about Kevin’s journey in this amazing video!

Kevin continues to push for more in his life! His dedication to his family and faith remains strong. He has found the values and community of the Training for Warriors System to be supportive and helpful in pursuit of living a healthy and balanced life. He no longer holds back at a chance to try new things and is maintaining his over 70 lbs of fat loss! The workouts and nutrition coaching are providing the balance he needs!

Are you looking to accomplish similar things in your life? Maybe now is the time to learn more about the Training for Warriors Program in Cottage Grove, MN. Kevin says, “The only thing you have to lose is weight!” Just contact us by filling out all of the information at this link:

Wondering what Training For Warriors is all about? Check out this video that shares more!

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