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50 & Fit

Before Deanna Petterson came to TFW East Metro she was working out on her own. That was over 4 Years ago now! Since she started, Deanna has accomplished some great things! Prior to TFW, she had worked out doing some running and a little weight training, but felt a bit lost in the process. She eventually got bored with what she was doing and was starting to not go to her gym as much.

One day Deanna saw a link on facebook for TFW East Metro. She contacted the gym and met with a Coach! “What seemed to stand out at first was the family atmosphere and the excitement everyone had for the program”, said Deanna.

“My first workout was so fun! Everyone welcomed me and I loved the challenge and the energy. I expected to love it right away, and I did. I still do! I have improved my strength and stamina. My body fat is now and lean body mass has improved. I am doing lifts I never did before and accomplishing new levels of my lifts as I go forward. There is a system of tracking what we do each week for every person who comes to the gym”, Deanna stated.

“As the Head Coach here at TFW I can tell you Deanna always comes ready to work at things and improve where she can improve. She has a great attitude”, said Coach Brian Waldo.

Deanna also said, “the coaches are knowledgeable and always positive! They have helped me so much with feeling healthy and strong. When I see more improvements in my lifts and body I get even more motivated. I also appreciate that it is not a competition. People are there to train and become better at something. I actually wrote out my goals and I have achieved many of them. I could not do a chin up and now I can do 3 or more! TFW has changed my life in such a positive way. It is part of my daily routine and I make time for it. I now make time for me. I am now over 50, in the best shape of my life and confident to try new exercises I never did before”.

“I recommend it! Just try it for 30 days and you will want to do more! I love the Coaches and I am so grateful for their knowledge and effort. Coaches and members here are friendly and I love it ”, said Deanna.

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