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Need A Lift With Your Fitness?

Author: Darina Korn, CPT TFW

Have you ever felt the urge to make changes in your health and fitness but just feel stuck? Have you ever felt judged, lost, or just not confident in what to do when going to a fitness center? I have the pleasure of helping people overcome their hurdles in these areas and more!

I began figure skating at the age of six. Even as an athlete, I struggled learning what proper nutrition was and lacked access to proper strength and conditioning. I definitely could’ve used more direction and guidance, but I was determined to find a way. Eventually, I trained just as hard off the ice as I did on. Along the way, a passion for fitness began to spark.

Throughout my journey, I was fortunate enough to take from numerous coaches. I learned very quickly that a coach has the power to either lift an athlete up or tear them down. When I started to teach at the age of 12, I focused on lifting my students and creating the most positive environments for them to learn in.

When I started college, I actually was working towards a business degree, but quickly turned the gears when I realized that my true passion was coaching people up. I wanted to grow what I was doing with skaters, but take it to a completely different environment. Originally, I thought that physical therapy would be the route, but I learned that I really wanted to do more preventative care rather than rehabilitative care. I wanted to help change lives and help spark that passion for health and fitness- for taking care of themselves.

Shortly after graduating, I received an email about an internship opportunity at a place where one of our guest speakers worked. Funny enough, it was a hidden gem literally minutes away from where I was living! I walked through the doors of Training for Warriors- East Metro and never looked back. It instantly felt like I belonged here.

Fast forward to over four years later… I went from feeling slightly intimidated to confidently coaching students and members of ALL ages- learning that the adults need just as much encouragement and motivation as the young skaters I taught. I learned that if my heart is in it, it is really easy to get them just as committed and ready to hit their goals.

The ultimate reward is getting to watch my students and clients find growth, mentally and physically (YES, adults can still grow, too)! My favorite is witnessing the self-satisfaction and fulfillment one would feel after a milestone and overcoming a lack of self-confidence and consistency. I adore helping people blossom into a better version of themselves- one that they love more.

My personal mission as a coach at Training for Warriors- East Metro is to help as many people as I can to make long-term, sustainable changes in their lives. A bonus would not only be to change their lives but others around them as well!

Are YOU ready to make changes? I would love to help you get started! Click this link to learn more…

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