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How to Finish 2020 Strong!

This last year has brought many challenges. The recent shut down that started in March required me to refocus as a Coach. Suddenly, we had to focus on survival of our dojo community and keeping each other strong. It was not an easy task, in fact even though we are now open again, keeping each other strong remains a focus every day!

I get asked frequently how we are doing as a business? How many people still come in to workout? Are people scared? How are you doing business?

I can honestly say our community is strong, we are providing safe options that people enjoy, people are comfortable and we are getting new people seeking us out! So, I am happy with what we are accomplishing!

Well, my answer to each question pretty much revolves around finding ways to stay focused on positive things we can control each day and finding solutions for our dojo members that work for them. No one case is the same and we have creatively found paths for our students to work with Coaches in person, virtually or remotely that have kept them focused on their goals and mission.

I won’t sugar coat it, not everyone could stay focused. Some lost jobs, income, were ill or struggling with the mental effects of isolation and fear. You may be experiencing or have experienced those things yourself. I completely understand. Few times in history has our society as a whole been threatened in terms of how we do almost everything each day. We are however, slowly finding a path to recovery and moving in a good direction.

In this article I just wanted to give a reminder on five areas that I know you can still focus on each week. For those that stuck with us during the shut down on Zoom, Youtube etc… you know these are areas we talked about and set goals on constantly. These areas remain important and will always be critical to your fitness, health and personal success.

The five areas are:

  1. Work

  2. Exercise

  3. Family

  4. Sleep

  5. Nutrition

Now is the time to stop telling yourself all of the things you can not do. There is a path for you. Time will allow you to follow the path if you take the correct action steps for your situation. Try to eliminate using the words don’t, can’t, cost to much, impossible, etc… In other words, eliminate negative thoughts and self talk as much as possible.

Instead, 1) work at becoming better at something. Maybe it is fitness related, maybe not. How about another area of your life you have long yearned to change? 2) Exercise with intensity four days per week. Make time for it and make it a priority. 3) Make time for family. Visiting a loved one, spending time with a spouse, child, aunt, uncle or grandparent will pay dividends. Some of my most cherished moments in my life are time with family. We can learn from those coming after us and those who came before us to make life easier. 4) Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night! Yep, every night. It needs to be a routine that you try hard not to break! Lack of sleep leads to poor choices in almost every area of your life. Change for many starts with getting 8 hours of sleep per night! And finally, 5) Good nutrition. Second to sleep, sticking to a healthy balanced approach to nutrition is critical to long term health. There are too many fad diets and plans out there focused on the short term. Focus on changes you can maintain and build on! This will bring a sustainable change you can be proud of!

Ready to make some positive change?

We have new options available that have been developed since our shut down and re opening:

  1. 1\1 Coaching

  2. Group Fitness Class (limited head count)

  3. Small Group Training Option

  4. Virtual 12 Last Stop Nutrition Coaching Program -Personal Coach

  5. 8 Week Mobility and Pain Management Course “Nimble Warrior” In Person Or Virtual

  6. 8 Week Start Up Fitness/Nutrition Program In Person or Virtual

Contact us today to talk with a Coach (Go to)

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