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Getting Her Life Back-Mary's Story

Author: Corinna Mickus-Botz BS CPT CES PN

Mary and I started working together in February 2021. She was 75 years old and ready to take back control of her body and life. Mary was struggling to move around comfortably, found herself easily exhausted, experienced difficulty lifting objects around the house, and had trouble getting up and down the stairs. Little everyday tasks had become increasingly difficult.

We discussed her goals of starting to move and feel better, along with increasing her strength and stamina. By starting 1/1 training together we have worked on a corrective exercise plan that is giving Mary her independence back. Mary comes into the Dojo 3-4 times per week ready to work hard and improve herself, mind, body and spirit!

“I am very grateful for my experience and growth at TFW - OHP. Especially the guidance and encouragement from my coach Corinna; and for the inclusion and acceptance of everyone”, said Mary.

Mary also stated, “When I began this endeavor I was weak and in pain, everyday activities were impossible to perform; but as I work here, I can reach, stretch, and lift more and more easily, and my stamina has increased. I find myself moving and doing daily chores automatically, and what a difference to my whole life!”

“I have felt better working with Corinna and everyone has been a blessing. I’ve noticed that I no longer need to use the bedside table to get out of bed, I just get right up!, said Mary.

“In situations where I would previously avoid taking the stairs, I now take them with confidence. I no longer need to hang on to the railing and I don’t find myself out of breath afterwards” Mary explained.

“For the first time in many years, I was able to go shopping at T.J Maxx and Target. I Was able to be on my feet and enjoy my shopping experience for the first time in a long time! I can’t see ever discontinuing my work here and I am just so thankful.” Said Mary.

As her Coach, Mary’s positive attitude is contagious and her hard work and dedication is inspiring! I look forward to our sessions every week. Mary is always ready and willing to try whatever new exercises I give her. She is proving everyday that it is NEVER too late to start taking better care of your body and improve your quality of life. Are you ready to take the first step towards moving better? Contact me today at this link:

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