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Do you Train?

Training To Win!

Do you workout? Or do you TRAIN? You see working out is what most people that workout do. Training however implies that you are training for something. Training to become better, to improve, to overcome! Did you just go through the motions with your last workout, or did you strive for perfection?

Unfortunately, a majority of Americans do not even workout. This is why we have such dire statistics regarding chronic disease and health care costs that are astronomical!

The purpose here is not to slam people who choose to: 1) watch 3 or hours of TV per day 2) spend more than 8 hours per day on a screen 3) not workout four days per week or more 4) not to get 8 hours of sleep per night 5) ignore good nutritional principles

The purpose is to get you to think more about what you are doing with your gift of health. Are you investing in protecting it? Are you on a path that builds you up or one that tears you down? In my 30 years training and Coaching people, I am the first to understand most have no desire to be the strongest man or woman on earth.

However, most do want to be able to continue to be independent into late adult hood, possibly even to the end of our journey. The sad reality however is that if you are not investing in ways to maintain your functional strength, you are on a slippery slope of weakening and metabolic decline.

As we age we loose muscle mass and strength unless you are specifically doing something to counter act that process. This is were quality nutrition, four days per week of intense exercise and mobility work comes in!

You see, you do not have to train to win a medal! You have to train to continue to to the following as we age: 1)enjoy time with the grand kids 2)support the development of your family 3)traveling our country and the world 4)serving and helping others 5)participate in recreational things or outdoor sporting such as fishing, hunting, etc.. 6)be independent of help for daily tasks 7)be able to cook for self 8)be able to drive 9)be mentally of sound mind 10) be our best and any age

Your are never to old or to young to start TRAINING. Lets train together to live the best life possible and be the best version of self possible. You will not regret it. Have questions? How can you get started? It starts with discipline. Seek more information here…/tips-for-improving-discipline or Contact us direct to discuss our in person and online training options at

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